Workshops are 4 hours in length and we recommend 2 weeks between sessions to allow participants enough time to conceive recognize and apply their creativity. Participants will be offered reading materials and creativity challenges to prepare for workshops.

Workshop 1

Through critical reflection and inquiry participants will redefine and broaden personal ideas of creativity and identify their own creative outlets. While trying to identify their creative selves, participants may encounter several conditions such as prior schooling, teacher education, social norms and societal values that may have shaped their creative development.

Workshop 2

Looking towards other cultures can help broaden our understanding of creativity and calculate its essential value in relation to children’s learning. Participants will explore cross-cultural representations of creativity in the classroom and how those experiences are used to judge creative expression.

Please note: Customized full and half day workshops are available on weekends and on weekdays. A minimum of 4 participants and a non-refundable deposit of 30% per booking session is required. We have the right to cap each session at 12 participants. Workshops will be located within the premises of the client’s organization. For more information regarding bookings and pricing please contact us at (416) 578-4672  or


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