Education and Play by Design© presents an inclusive, popular-educational-based training opportunity for teachers and early childhood educators to gain a better understanding of the relationship between creativity and teaching.

Creativity is increasingly becoming more valued in society and recognized as the solution to the problems of the twenty-first century. However, without developing creative attitudes and skills, educators risk hindering their creative aptitudes and limiting the number of way there is to adapt and respond to the unprecedented changes in education. Where does your creative inspiration come from and what does it look like? How can we measure creativity and its value in the classroom? Research indicates that creativity stems from individuals but grows with the help of others. This PD opportunity will incite educators to design strategies to create a Full Day Kindergarten environment that is reflective of their creative strengths and abilities.

▪    Participants will explore how creativity may be used as a springboard to engage teachers and early childhood educators in a dialogue regarding FDK curriculum and programming logistics.

▪    Through critical reflection and inquiry participants will redefine and broaden personal ideas of creativity and identify their own creative outlets.

▪    Participants will rediscover creativity within themselves and their teaching by examining what creativity looks like, how it can be nurtured and evaluate whether the creative process is more important than the product.

▪    Throughout this process, participants will challenge prior and current notions of schooling, teacher education, social norms and societal values that may have shaped their creative development. 

▪    While exploring elements of play, aesthetics and family/community resources, participants will recognize how these experiences translate to classroom practices and begin to recognize and anticipate how creative thinking leads to creative learning.

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